Poor WiFi Signal reception iPhone 4

Why does my iPhone 4 have a poor WiFi signal reception after my repair?

We’ve gotten this question quite a few times, “I replaced the screen on my iPhone 4. Everything works but now I have poor a poor WiFi signal reception. What’s wrong?”

What could be causing poor WiFi signal reception  in my iPhone 4?

Take a look at the photo below.

  1. The EMI shield that covers all the cables need to be on. If you have neglected to put back the shield cover then that will be part of the poor wifi signal reception problem.
  2. The top center screw which happens to be the longer of other 5 screws needs to be present. That screw not only holds down the EMI shield but a little silver connector on the EMI shield to the logic board.

If that screw or the little silver connector is missing, you will have a weak or poor WiFi signal reception on your iPhone 4.

Poor WiFi Signal reception iPhone 4 Photo