iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is official; the first big screen iPhone was engineered to tackle the climbing popularity of phablet cell phones fueled by Google’s Android operating system.

iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Design

Dimensions: The iPhone 6 Plus measures 158.1 x 77.8 x 7.1mm and weighing 172g. That is amazingly thin for a 5.5in handset. The Galaxy Note 4 measures 153.5 x 78.6 x 8.5mm and weighs 179g, making it shorter, fatter and more weighty in the hand.

Materials: The iPhone 6 Plus will have an anodised aluminum frame, a bended glass front and a stainless steel Apple logo on the over of the phone. The Galaxy Note 4 additionally has a somewhat bended glass front, yet it just has a metal casing. On the back of the telephone you’ll discover Samsung’s faux leather material.

iPhone 6 PlusiPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Display

Screen size: The iPhone 6 Plus screen is a 5.5in screen. The Note 4 has a much greater 5.7in screen.

Resolution: The iPhone 6 Plus has a Full HD 1,920×1,080 resolution while the Note 4 has an enormous 2,560×1,440 resolution.

Screen technology: The Note 4 utilizes an AMOLED display. The iPhone 6 Plus, utilizes an IPS panel.

iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Performance

Processor: The iPhone 6 Plus will utilize Apple’s new 64-bit A8 chip.  The Note 4 will houae a quad-center 2.7ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor.

Battery: Apple has promised  around 14 hours of video playback and 24 hours of 3G talk time. The Note 4 has the same 3,200mah battery as the Note 3 did which lasts about 15 hours for video playback.

Storage Capacity: The iPhone 6 Plus will be available in 16gb, 64gb and 128gb models. The Note 4 is available in 32gb and expandable with a microSD card.

iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Camera

The Note 4 has a 16-megapixel camera and has a real-time HDR (high dynamic range) mode. The iPhone 6 Plus will have an 8-megapixel camera with an f2.2 aperture. Panoramas can also be up to 43-megapixels. The iPhone 6 Plus can shoot video in Full HD 30fps and 60fps and slow-mo video in 120fps and 240fps.

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