iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S: Difference between screens

iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S
iPhone 4 and 4S screen mounting brackets

iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S screen

In this post we will try and identify the differences between an iPhone 4 screen vs an iPhone 4S screen. We will be comparing the iPhone 4 AT&T (GSM) screen, the iPhone 4 Verizon (CDMA) screen, and the iPhone 4S screen.

Is the iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S screen the same?

Well almost. We took a side by side photo of all the screens and here is what we found out.

iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S: What’s the same?

  • the LCD and Digitizer connectors are exactly the same.
  • the LCD and Digitizer are all glued together and cannot be separated.
  • the front camera hole is in the same spot.
  • the proximity sensor hole is in the same spot.
  • the ear speaker hole is in the same spot

iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S: What’s different?

  • the mounting brackets

iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4s screen mounting brackets

The mounting brackets are the only difference between the 3 versions compared here.

There are a total of 10 mounting brackets on each version of the iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S.

At the corners:

  • On the iPhone 4S screen the corner mounting brackets match the iPhone 4 Verizon (CDMA) phone.
  • On the iPhone 4 AT&T (GSM) screen the corner mounting brackets at the bottom match the iPhone 4S but the top brackets do not match.

At the sides:

  • Volume Button Side
    • On the iPhone 4S screen the side mounting brackets match the iPhone 4 Verizon (CDMA) phone.
    • On the iPhone 4 AT&T (GSM) screen the side mounting brackets at the top and bottom match the iPhone 4S but the middle does not match.
  • Opposite the Volume Button Side
    • On the iPhone 4S screen the top and bottom side mounting bracket matche the iPhone 4 Verizon (CDMA) phone.
    • On the iPhone 4S screen the middle side mount bracket matches the iPhone 4 AT&T (GSM) phone.
    • On the iPhone 4 Verizon (CDMA) screen the middle side mount does not match either of the other two.
    • On the iPhone 4 AT&T (GSM) screen the top and bottom side mounts do not match either of the other two

And there you have it the iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4S screen differences.

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  1. thanks for your blog, this article is very usefull for me. but i want to ask more about the lcd driver: is the lcd assembly interchangable for iphone4 and 4s in the aspect of driver, regardless of the mounting brackets differences ? Thanks:)

  2. i have the same question as freeman can you swap the screens if you weld the mounting brackets into right position?

  3. Yes, if you manage to reuse the mounting brackets the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S screens are interchangeable. The digitizer and LCD connectors are the same between the 3.

  4. @kana get the iPhone 4S, not for the screen because it obviously is the same but for the new A5 processor and iSight camera which isn’t in the iPhone 4.

  5. So I’ve been replacing these for a while and have yet to get a definitive answer… on the 4gs are they interchangeable between CDMA and GSM, as far as i can tell they are but i get all my parts from ebay and notice a great deal plainly state (for att/GSM) is this misinformation on their part or mine. Thanks in advance for any advise

  6. Figured as much just curious why soo many in the description state blatantly gsm only

  7. I have 2 replacement screens here in my possession and neither look like the pictures. For instance, both of your screens 4/4s have mounting brackets on the corners of the screen, but my replacement screens have only side brackets that look different from yours. What gives?

  8. @Graham sounds like funky replacements, I had received a few similar. They’ll still work, however i prefer the closed eyed corners for better hold

  9. Mistake in article? Is this article in error? I just changed the screen on my son’s ATT iphone 4G. It’s on my account so I am positive it is ATT phone. The screen that fit it right is the one (pictured) Verizon. Has anyone verified the author of this article is correct?

  10. Yes, there is a difference between the 4 and “4GS” aka 4S. All the 4S mount brackets are the same regardless of the carrier.

  11. so if i order a iphone 4 screen which is red will it work on my 4s or is it too complicated to do?

  12. thanks for this article! i was really confused about the difference between the screens and the really cleared it up!

  13. Just a comment on this blog! Someone was wondering if you can weld the brackets in a different spot. I would just like to say that you can buy the screen bezels for the 4 or 4s on ebay that have the brackets in the right spots for cheap.
    Just make sure that you read the description carefully on ebay to make sure it is the right one. you will just need to glue the screen to the bezel. You can order two sided tape for it or you can use some good glue!

  14. hi i have a iPhone 4 CDMA screen so from what i have read it will fit a 4s perfectly and will need a bit of adjusting to fit a iPhone GSM?

  15. I managed to order the wrong screen for a 4s…it did not dawn on me till I had striped it down !
    All was not lost thou,with a fine blade I managed to get the bezel from around the old screen and glue on to the new one.
    one other point is the button on the 4s a fraction bigger ? it sat tightly in the new screen,I had to file it down under a magnifying glass !

  16. can I just replace the digitaizer that I found online for a iphone 4s to my iphone 4 mine is sprint?

  17. This was a really great guide, and there wasn’t a whole lot of information on these parts to begin with. I run a small shop, and having this posting cleared up a lot of confusion.

    Thanks for posting this. It’s greatly appreciated.

  18. im having an issue with finding a iphone 4 Verizon gsm pink screen. ive noticed its very difficult to even find a Verizon gsm but unfortunately I have. my question being; is the Verizon gsm screen compatible with the 4s?

  19. Hi

    I bought the 4 screen replacement kit instead of the 4S by mistake, and only realised it after I opened the case, so can’t return it… Do you have a suggestion/guide on how to make the 4 fit on the 4s?

    Thank you very much!

  20. So what is the iPhone 4 for Sprint? Is it CDMA or GSM? Maybe I over looked it but I didn’t see it for the 4 that comes from Sprint. I’m getting ready to order front and back glass covers online (kid dropped her phone) and I don’t want to buy the wrong thing.

  21. Hi guys an girls, I’ve just dropped my iphone 4 and the front glass is broken I was wondering how much roughly it’s gonna cost me either from a shop or DIY? Any info would help and how do I determine what model/make my screen is? I dot want to strip it and it’s the wrong one so am left without a phone 🙁 many thanks

  22. Hi, i have LCD from IP4S and want to replace to iphone 4(both GSM). i switched the brackets and LCD is good but digitizer does not work. Why? its not the same or i have broken one?

  23. I had 2 4s screens that would not work with a regular 4G Iphone (black screen). They did only work on a 4s Iphone.

  24. The iphone 4 and and iphone 4s has another difference the Digitizer connectors are the same but one is longer than the other. The 4s connector cable is shorter than the 4 so to be correct you can not use it even if you can change the brackets because it does not reach.

  25. Thank you for your explanation! I ordered the wrong screen, but I was able to swap out the screen frame with the mounting brackets with the old one (from the broken screen). Here is how: Heat your oven to 250F (not Celsius!!), place one screen at a time in the oven for ~5 minutes to soften the glue, then take it out and quickly (while the screen is still hot) but gently pry the frame off the screen. You then stick the old frame on the new screen. To glue it into place, heat the old frame and new screen together again for ~5 minutes to soften the glue, take it out, put it screen down onto a flat surface, and use your fingers to gently push the frame onto and around the screen while the glue cools and hardens. If you need to re-adjust, just heat and repeat.

  26. can an iphone 3gs home button replace that of an iphone 4s
    great blog by the way.
    thank you for any replies in advance

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