How to Fix DiskAid iPhone Root Access Issue After Limera1n Jailbreak

Limera1n is the popular and easiest jailbreak tool for iPhone OS 4.1. However, some users have reported that DiskAid (or other iPhone file browser) does not recognize their jailbroken iPhone after using limera1n. This issue has been discussed around the various discussion forums. The limera1n developer, GeoHot, also mentioned this is a known issue but he’s not going to provide the fix.

So, why can’t DiskAid recognize your iPhone as Jailbroken after limera1n jailbreak? The reason is simple – your jailbroken iPhone misses a service that the iPhone file browser depends to access the root file system. That service is known as “afc2″.

To resolve the issue, you can simply install a fix called “afc2add” that is available from Cydia. Once installed, reboot your iPhone. That’s it! Now, try to connect your iPhone with USB and launch DiskAid or other file browser again. The file browser should be able to recognize your jailbroken iPhone and access the root file system.

As always, let us know if the fix works for you.

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  1. i have a jailbroken iphone 4 on 4.1 and used limerain . ive tried these steps, and it still doesnt work. i even uninstalled afc2add and reinstalled. my usb ports still doesnt recognize. ive tried all the ports with 4 different cables, it still doesnt work. is there anything im missing? thanks if anyone can help

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