How-To Fix an iPhone 4 Front Glass Digitizer Replacement Repair HD Tutorial

iPhone 4 repair Glass Screen If you have dropped your iPhone 4 and thinking about repairing it yourself then this video is for you! You can’t go wrong with this step by step HD tutorial. It will guide you from beginning to end. The most complete and best iPhone 4 dis-assembly and assembly tutorial on the Internet.

What you’ll need: iPhone 4 repair the glass screen – iPhone 4 Printable Screw Organizer sheet – iPhone 4 Complete front assembly LCD and Digitizer – iPhone 4 Small Phillips and Flat Head Screwdriver – iPhone 4 Small Pentalobe Screwdriver – iPhone 4 Plastic Case Opener Tool – iPhone 4 Sim Tray Removal Tool

Instructions for iPhone 4 repair

This tutorial will work for the SIM card version of the iPhone 4

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Step 1


Congratulations on your iPhone 4 repair!



3 Replies to “How-To Fix an iPhone 4 Front Glass Digitizer Replacement Repair HD Tutorial”

  1. Delighted! In this day of quickly eroding customer service I am greatly impressed by the iPhone Shop. My wife smashed the glass on her new iPhone. (I know, but you can’t kill ’em) I ordered a replacement kit feeling confident by the fine and detailed how-to video offered by the iPhone Shop. Quick shipping had it in my hands within days. I then took on this “watch-making” like project. I didn’t count on such tiny screws to actually strip, nor the unwillingness of the case to line up, among other problems. I realized this project was best suited to a professional or at least a well seasoned amateur. Money lost, and no working iPhone. When I blogged my disaster an astounding thing happened. The next day I received an email from Lee at the iPhone Shop. Lee gave his condolence for my mishap and offered to fix the iPhone at no charge. Astounding!
    It is so nice to find a trustworthy online service like iPhone Shop.

  2. I purchased the front glass digitizer replacement for my iPhone for, I wanted to turn my phone from black to white. I saw your video tutorial on YouTube. It replaces the front and put my phone back together. Everything worked perfect! I couldn’t be happier, the only problem is my phone won’t pick up any wifi signals? Could you please help me out and tell me why I might have done wrong and how I may be able to fix it, thank you.

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