How To Fix an iPhone 3G / 3GS Broken Screen Glass DIY


Things You’ll Need:

    Taking the iPhone apart

  1. Step 1

    Turn off the iPhone. Remove the SIM card by inserting a paper clip into the small hole at the top. Remove the two screws at the bottom. Push the suction cup onto the glass. Pull up to separate the glass.

  2. Step 2

    Three cables will hold the two pieces together. Remove the first two using a paper clip. The third is beneath a tab under the first two cables. The last cable should be pulled out gently.

  3. Step 3

    On the screen, remove six screws: two on one side, one on the bottom of the surface behind the glass, one visible on the other side and two under tape on that side.

  4. Step 4

    To remove the LCD, use a paper clip on the sides to hook the bottom corner that has a circle, and pull out.

    Removing the broken glass

  5. Step 1

    Using tweezers, remove the black tape behind the glass on each of the four edges.

  6. Step 2

    Use a hair dryer around the edges of the glass for about 5 minutes to heat the glue.

  7. Step 3

    Pry the glass from the plastic holder. Be sure to remove all the broken glass.

    Installing the glass

  8. Step 1

    Put the adhesive strips at the top and bottom of the plastic holder.

  9. Step 2

    On the new glass screen, remove all the film from the black bottom and top, leaving the protective film on the glass so no fingerprints will get inside. There will probably be two pieces of film on the black parts.

  10. Step 3

    Line up the glass with the holder, making sure the cable goes under the holder. When the two pieces match up, press down to stick the glass to the adhesive strips.

  11. Step 4

    Remove the film from the glass.


  12. Step 1

    Put the LCD back in the holder with all the holes for the screws aligned. Press it in place. Replace all the screws.

  13. Step 2

    Press all the cables into place in the reverse order of their removal.

  14. Step 3

    Align the two pieces — the screen and the unit — and press them together with the holes lined up.

  15. Step 4

    Replace the screws and your SIM card.

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5 Replies to “How To Fix an iPhone 3G / 3GS Broken Screen Glass DIY”

  1. Hello. i saw the steps. you are so professional! I will contact you if i have friends need to repair.

  2. If you have ever damaged your iPhone screen before, then you know that you will need to fix it ASAP. You must replace the iphone screen or fix the digitiser, or else the phone is worthless with broken glass. The replacement iphone screens are available all over the net, just take a look!

  3. hi, im just wondering how to fix my iphone 3g, because my iphone has slipped out of my hand alot and has broken the screen, and acouple of days ago. i slipped and my iphone crashed into water and is badly damaged`. the bottom of the screen in no longer working at all, when i slide it.

  4. I ordered and received the kit and felt after watching the video it should be fairly easy. For a professional probably. The first problem I encountered was one of the “six” screws head stripped. I had to cut it off. I heated and heated and heated, but the glass was quit difficult to remove. Once I assembled it all and tried to press the glass in, it cracked under my thumbs. I just lost $40 bucks when I should have just ordered a new one at $49. Was a nightmare.

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