First iPhone 4S Complete Teardown & Rebuild Video Hours after Release

iPhone 4s take apart Video

Roseville, Calif. – October 14, 2011 – iPhoneShopUSA, an Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad repair shop, releases a complete teardown / take apart and reassembly video for the iPhone 4S within hours of it’s release.

iPhone 4s take apart screw organizer sheet

They also released the printable screw organizer sheet mat for iPhone 4S. The printable iPhone 4S screw organizer sheet. This handy sheet helps to organize all the screws and parts while doing your iPhone 4S screen replacement repair or dis-assembly. If you plan on doing an iPhone 4S take apart, be sure to pick up one of these.

iPhone 4S take apart Parts

iPhone 4S Replacement Parts and Accessories

iPhone 4S takeapart directions on YouTube.

The iPhone 4S take apart was brought to you by @iPhoneShopUSA.

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  1. hi, i’ve watch your video. i need a full tear down of the iphone 4s, down to every last screw. i damaged my chassis badly by dropping it once. now i bought a chassis, and need to transfer everything over. but i do not know how to dismantle it furthur after removing the screen.

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