iPhone 4S digitizer cable is too short

My cable is too short!

“I replaced my iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S screen with a new one and the now the cable is too short. What do I do?”

We know this is a bit frustrating. This is a common question and we get it a lot. Take a look at the photo below:

Cable is too short, here’s why.

The cable in this photo is too short. Why? It’s because it has been pinched between the LCD and the frame. Compare the photo with the one below. When you push the cable through the hole, make sure the cable goes all the way through. Notice I said push not pull. Guide the cable through but DO NOT PULL it! If you pull the cable it will tear, and you’ll be out of luck. That cable cannot be mended, glued, or soldered back together and you will have rendered your new screen pretty much useless.

Take a look at the photo below. This is what you want it too look like.

Cable is too short, the correct way it should be.

Torn digitizer cable

What happens when you pull on the cable that is too short? Take a look at the photo below. Notice the top picture. The cable has been ripped in half while the photo below is how the ribbon looks when you receive it brand new. If the screen lights up but there is no touch function, then this is why.

Hopefully this saves you some time, headache and frustration. The next the time the cable is too short, check and make sure it has not been pinched between the frame and LCD.